Q: How Do I Track My Order?

A: You can go to the top of our page and press/click on the tab named "Track My Order". From there, You will put in your tracking number and track your order in real time! 


Q: When Will I Get My Tracking Number?

A: After you place your order, Your tracking number will have to be checked and verified with our smart, Smart Voss team! After that, You can track your order! 


Q: Where Can I Get My Tracking Number?

A: Once Your tracking number is processed, we will personally send you an email, that you provided, With your tracking number and a thank you note! 


Q: How Can I Know Exactly When My Order Will Arrive?

A: At any given time you can send us an email at support@smartvoss.com and we will give you an exact estimate. every country has a different delivery time.


Q: How Long Does Delivery Take? 

A: The processing time for orders is 1-3 business days. once the shipment is already on the plane, estimated delivery is 10-12 business days for US and 13-25 business days internationally. Please take note that there are some unforeseen circumstances such as customs delays that we are unable to control on our end.


Q:  How Can I Cancel My Order?

A: If you have an order you would like to cancel, You will have to contact us at our Customer Care Center at support@smartvoss.com or our phone number, +1-832-510-4430. Then just wait for a reply and you can chat with one of our Team Members. Also, Just a note, Order over $75 USD will be charged a 10% fee for handling.