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We can not prevent your little ones from growing up but with our Baby Sculpt Kit  we can help you create a memory of his lovely hands / feet.

Display these prints at home, next to family photos and keep this memory forever. Show them proudly to your friends and family!

Do not wait until it's too late: once your baby is grown up you will not have the opportunity to do it...

A perfect gift for a baby shower or a birth list: If you are looking to dazzle and amaze parents it is the perfect gift.

Customizable: You have an artistic soul? You can customize the print with paint, markers, etc ... (not supplied).



  • The materials used are top quality. The molding powder has long been used in dentistry, it has a neutral pH and Hypoallergenic
  • Reproduces accurately in 3D the hand or foot of your baby.
  • This kit contains: 1 bag of cloning powder & 1 bag of molding powder.


You ordered your kit Baby Sculpt ? Follow the guide.

We strongly recommend the use of distilled water (not included, easily found in supermarkets or drugstores). Otherwise, there is a risk of lumps in the preparation depending on the water hardness.
  • Place 100g of the cloning powder (PRINT POWDER) with 100 mL of water in a plastic bag (for ease of handling later) placed in container adapted to contain the and mix everything easier (bowl, bucket, jar, etc ...). You can also make the mixture into a disposable plastic cup.

  • Mix for 1 minute to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

  • Place your baby's hand of foot in the liquid for 4 minutes. Beware that it does not touch the edge of the plastic bag and it remains stationary. If the hand or foot is slightly damp, it's better because it prevents the formation of air pockets.

  • Carefully remove the hand or foot of your child.

  • Now, mix the other plaster bag (about 100g to 50mL of water, be sure to keep a mixture consisting) then quickly pour the mixture into the mold created.

  • Wait for 3 hours the mixture solidifies.

  • Remove the plaster mold.

  • Contemplate your masterpiece! 

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